Joomla 1.5版本建设网站教程全攻略

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After having a clean Joomla 1.5 installed (without sample data) we can begin adding our content. In this example we assume the domain we use is and Joomla's admin panel is at:

 Please, make sure to change to the real domain name of your website, when following this tutorial.

Please, enter your login information in the Joomla! Administration Login screen:


Below we will see how to create two simple web pages in Joomla - About us and Our services. Content in Joomla is organized into Sections, Categories and Articles. The Section is the top level of content structure, the Category is the sublevel of the Sections, and Articles are where the actual content of the web pages resides. Below we will create one "General" Section, one "General" Category and two Articles.

Joomla教程 - 建立SectionThe Section has to be created from menu Content -> Section manager:


In order to add a new section, we click on the button [New] from the top right menu.

 Make sure to remember the position of the [New] button as it is always used for adding new content / features in Joomla:


In the next screen we fill the Section's name: General. The rest of the fields are optional. Once we complete this step it must be saved with the button [Save] from the top-right menu.

 [Save] is another essential button to remember.


Joomla教程 - 建立分类After that we will add the "General" Category to it. This can be done from the top menu, Content -> Category manager:


Again we click on the [New] button to add the new category. Next we specify the category name which is "General". Once we are done, we save the progress with the [Save] button from the top-right menu.

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