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Webjx核心提示:本文搜集了20多套 Flash 动态相册程序,使得你可以非常方便地将这些Flash相册嵌入到自己的网站中去,从而快速实现Flash动态相册。

Airtight Interactive SimpleViewer. Take a look at Demo.

simple viewer demo

Airtight Interactive TiltViewer. TiltViewer Demo.

tiltviewer demo

Airtight Interactive AutoViewer. AutoViewer Demo.

Autoviewer demo

Airtight Interactive PostcardViewer. PostcardViewer Demo.

Postcard Viewer demo

Flash Image Gallery
(FIG Gallery) – a gallery application that can be used to display singel or multiple galleries of photos, artwork, or other pictures with descriptions. Demo.

FIG Demo

- support multiple albums, select a desired transition from several available styles, automatically resize images to fit an available space, streaming an MP3 audio, you can allow visitors to download photos from certain albums. Demo galleries.

Flash Gallery Generator Demos

Agile Gallery
- the Flash version of AgileGallery is a free Flash photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any description entered in Picasa. It also includes a slideshow feature. Demo.

agile gallery demo

Gallery Flash Class v2
- full screen gallery class that loads thumbnails and images via XML. The Bitmap data class is used to pre-load the main images as the thumbnails load so no extra waiting is needed once the thumbnail is clicked. Demo.

gallery class demo

Flash Photo Gallery

This gallery is easy to configure and update since you need to change only the XML file.

Flash Gallery


Free Flash & XML Slideshow Photo Gallery

You can easily add, edit or delete images and thumbnails by editing an xml file in Notepad.